Thursday, 12 May 2016

Defining my Own Destiny

Defining my own destiny with the help of Christ. Making my own rules. Something I have been trying to put into words over the last few months but just couldn’t quite formulate. For a period of months now my mind has been muddled and I couldn’t quite make out what it was. All I knew was that something wasn’t okay, and I could only feel myself making incorrect decisions but having the inability to stop myself. I could feel myself going down the wrong path, getting deeper into the wrong mind-set, becoming someone I didn’t understand, someone that wasn’t myself but yet not stopping in my tracks. A sort of out of body experience. Nothing more frightening that knowing who you are, knowing your voice but not being able to sing at your usual tune. I still haven’t gotten my tune back, I still don’t quite understand myself, and my mind is still not at peace but I now know one thing. Only I can define my destiny. I am here to make my own rules. Ask Christ for his help to help me identify who I am. Maybe my tune will never be the same again because that’s what comes with growth, we grow and we change, sometimes something difficult to identify at the time but I can only pray to God its great change, its changing me from mezzo soprano to a dramatic soprano.

I seek to be a virtuous woman, a woman with incredible substance, an incredibly wonderful and amazing mind, one that is out of this world, and I do not believe I have reached a third of that person. I have a long way to go but I know today, on the 12 of May, I understand that I need to define my own destiny. I need to declutter, clear my path and fly.

Finding my destiny starts with me writing this blog, something i have wanted to do since the end of 2014, and now a year and a half later here i am. Making my own path.